About Us

At Caywood and Randazzo's Bakery, we offer many desserts to choose from. If you want pastries, pies, donuts, bread, king cakes and coffee rolls, come to Caywood and Randazzo's Bakery. We can guarantee that you will fall in love with all the desserts that we have here at our bakery. The most skilled and friendliest bakers around Chalmette make our desserts, and we know what makes great tasting desserts.

If you need wedding cakes, birthday cakes, or shower cakes, we can also make those here at Caywood and Randazzo's Bakery. We promise that we can have your cakes made ready on time. When you come to us for your cakes, we guarantee that we won't be late.

For great desserts and great service, many people around Chalmette come to Caywood and Randazzo's Bakery, and so should you. So stop by our bakery today.